The Department of Administration and Support Services

 Mandated to manage and coordinate the overall district departments, the Department of Administration, and headed by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) has on behalf of the Council, made the following achievements:

·         Attracted, employed, and retained staff to perform technical duties of the District Council as mandated.

·         Employment records show that the period between 2011—2021, the District Council has recruited to 82%, filling almost all employable positions.

·         And working, while adopting a careful balanced approach, the District Council, has improved relations with its workforce to reduce frictions which was the norm before. Issues of unlawful dismissals, job insecurity, political intimidation, salary disputes, which were common in the past, have been rectified to harness a regime of tolerance in the workforce.

·         The Department of Administration through this period is credited for mobilizing its technical workforce to prioritize and coordinate the implementation of the District Work plans while effectively and transparently managing the District Vote.

·         Yet on the other hand, the Department of Administration, in collaboration with the District Council, has regulated the performance of Lower Local Governments (LLGs) including the creation of new administrative authorities for effective service delivery.

·         The Department of Administration has scored better in terms of cooperation and working with Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) of Government to improve service delivery in the District.

·         To date, management together with the District Council, have and continue to attract progressive development partners whose policy objective is to uplift the standard of living of Kiboga community through service delivery. For example Development Partnerslike World Vision, Mild May, Star— Education UK—supported program, LARA—USAID, ACTADE, Hunger Project to mention have turned around the lives of people for the better.